2025 Law and Policy

Strategic counseling and advocacy at the intersection of law, politics, and public policy​​

​2025 Law and Policy was established in 2015 as an independent consultancy to promote the Vision of infrastructure policy laid out Norman Anderson’s seminal book by that title https://www.amazon.com/Vision-Strategic-Infrastructure-Roadmap-Forward/dp/0578873303 Since that beginning, we have worked with Norman’s CG/LA enterprises (the Strategic Infrastructure Performance Institute, Blueprint 2025. and GVIP) and Norman’s network of infrastructure professionals and leading companies to make the Vision a reality—returning the U.S. to its rightful position as the country with the best and most innovative infrastructure, and, concurrently, the World’s most innovative country. Our work over the years since then has confirmed the need for this sort of integration between governments, public institutions, and the private sector, and we continue to work with the CG-LA enterprises and its network of companies and professionals to bridge the gaps that impede progress. We provide high level professional advice and advocacy services to assist private companies and the public sector (States, Cities, Counties and Communities and their special purpose entities) in their efforts to formulate and implement optimal strategies for maintenance, modernization and upgrading of their critical infrastructure systems. Again, the broad objective is to assure that, by 2025, the U.S. will be on track to regain its position as the global leader in infrastructure and technology innovation.