2025 Law and Policy

Strategic counseling and advocacy at the intersection of law, politics, and public policy​​

Projects and Initiatives:

​​Since its inception, 2025 L&P has engaged in direct advocacy efforts to facilitate authorizations and efficient regulation of specific economically and environmentally sustainable infrastructure projects in the Gulf of Mexico and elsewhere. Additionally, and importantly, we have served as counsel and policy advisor to a national infrastructure company (CG-LA Infrastructure) and its affiliates in their efforts to promote effective infrastructure planning, efficient regulation and the U.S. return to global leadership in infrastructure and innovation.

In that capacity, we assisted in establishment of the Blueprint 2025 Infrastructure advocacy organization and aided in the presentation of congressional testimony, comments on rulemaking, recommendations for improvement, digitization of project permitting processes, more flexible funding processes and an enhanced role for States, Cities, Communities and their Congressional Representatives.

Particularly since the Covid Crisis, we have supported the Blueprint 2025 efforts to increase Covid Response and Relief Funds, make them available for projects to mitigate economic impacts as well as direct health related impacts, to extend the cut off dates for expenditures and to make assistance available to Cities, Communities and Counties as well as States only and to make funds available to empower State Infrastructure Banks and other State and Community Special Purpose Vehicles. We continue to support BP2025’s efforts to improve and assure effectiveness of these important programs.