2025 Law and Policy

Strategic counseling and advocacy at the intersection of law, politics, and public policy​​

Infrastructure and Advanced Technology

The Administration and the Congress must consider new approaches to the government’s engagement with the private sector in the restoration, upgrading and modernization of our nation’s infrastructure and the rapidly evolving new technologies which that infrastructure will support and advance. We are supporting BP2025’s efforts, through the GVIP Conferences https://www.gvip.io/ and the non-profit Strategic Infrastructure Performance Institute to facilitate planning for that effort and promote private sector outreach which will advance new approaches, mobilize private sector resources and otherwise promote full realization of this critical potential. Consistent with these themes, our emphasis and our advocacy efforts will continue to be on 21st Century infrastructure and new technologies, mobilization of private funding sources as well as the governmental support, authorizations and approvals required to develop the cutting edge projects rapidly, efficiently and effectively.